Previous Day Volume Profile Plot


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  1. Thinkorswim
So I found this code a loooong time ago like back in 2018 and it plots previous day VAH, VAL, and POC and the person said for shit and giggles it also can switch to previous day TPO. So I ONLY use this for futures trading like /es and /nq (also works for spy and qqq). Another thing this indicator also plots is standard deviation of the open (SET). Sadly this will not plot the deviation for stocks besides qqq, spy, iwm, ect, and futures. @barbaros I know this code only plots pervious day profile, but I would like it to somehow plot previous week, month, even year profile if possible.

#v1.1 - 5/10/18
#- Able to get Implied Volatity at a specified time
#- Modified Settlement to take closing price of the last bar of the day. Previous version #used "Closing Price" at 16:15 which was usually nowhere near ending settlement
#- Added option to substitute symbol used in IV/Deviation calculation for instruments with #no option chains such as /NKD  
#- Added customizable deviation line (hidden as default)

#Steps if you want your VA to match u/uberbotman's:
#1) Set your chart to 30M, and show extended hours
#2) Go to options, make sure ShowLabels is set to "Yes" (hit apply if needed)
#3) Copy VAH, POC and VAL from the labels in the top left corner of your chart into Manual input locations
#4) Set Value Area Area Mode to Manual

declare upper;
declare once_per_bar;

input SetMode = {default Auto, Manual};#Hint SetMode: Select Auto to update Settlement automatically in input manually. \n\n NOTE: ToS doesn't support Settlement so LAST closing price is used. This is usually pretty close to within a single tick, but Manually entering Settlement from CME website or UBM's nightly post is more accurate
input Settlement = 2444.50;#Hint Settlement: Enter Settlement value when SetMode is set to Manual
input IVMode = {default Auto, Manual};#Hint IVMode: Select Auto to update Implied Volatility at time chosen on IVSettleTime
input IVSettleTime = 2100;#Hint IVSettleTime: Enter time_value of desired Implied Volatility "settlement" \n\n NOTE: If time selected is not visible on chart (i.e. 2100 on a chart not showing extended trading hours), IV will not calculate
input Volatility = 11.2;#Hint Volatility: Enter Implied Volatility value when IVMode is set to Manual
input IVSymbolMode = {default Auto, Manual};#Hint IVSymbolMode: Select Manual if you wish to use a different instrument's IV instead of what is on the chart
input Symbol = "EWJ";#Hint Symbol: Enter symbol of Implied Volatility you wish to substitute with. For use with products with no option chains (i.e. /NKD)
input ValueAreaMode = {default Auto, Manual};#Hint ValueAreaMode: Select Auto to update Value Areas automatically and is rounded to the nearest tick. Manual selection changes Value Area for today only \n\n NOTE: Value Area is typically calculated on a 30min chart, if the timeframe changes, then calculated value area may also change. To lock in the values from the 30min chart follow these steps: \n#1) Set your chart to 30M, and show extended hours \n#2) Go to options, make sure ShowLabels is set to "Yes" (hit apply if needed) \n#3) Copy VAH, POC and VAL from the labels showing in the top left corner of the chart into the Manual input locations \n#4) Set Value Area Area Mode to Manual and hit Apply
  input ValueAreaHigh = 2445.00;#Hint ValueAreaHigh: Enter Value Area High when ValueAreaMode is set to Manual
input PointOfControl = 2442.00;#Hint PointOfControl: Enter Point of Control when ValueAreaMode is set to Manual
input ValueAreaLow = 2440.00;#Hint ValueAreaLow: Enter Value Area Low when ValueAreaMode is set to Manual
input ShowTodayOnly = {default "No", "Yes"};#Hint ShowTodayOnly: Show/Hide chart plots for previous days
input ShowBubbles = {"No", default "Yes"};#Hint ShowBubbles: Show/Hide chart bubbles
input ShowCloud = {"No", default "Yes"};#Hint ShowCloud: Show/Hide Value Area cloud
input ShowLabels = {"No", default "Yes"};#Hint ShowLabels: Show/Hide Labels with Value Area data and IV used for Std Deviation calculations in Auto setting
input ProfileType = {default Volume, Time};#Hint ProfileType: Switch between Volume Profile and Time Profile
input valueAreaPercent = 70;#Hint valueAreaPercent: Set the size of the Value Area
input ShowVWAP = {"No", default "Yes"};#Hint ShowVWAP: Show daily VWAP
input CustomDev = 3.5;#Hint CustomDev: Enter custom deviation line

#Std Dev Calc / Plot

def CloseTime2 = SecondsTillTime(0000) >= 0;
def OpenTime2 = SecondsFromTime(1700) >= 0;
def MarketOpen = OpenTime2 and CloseTime2;
def NewDay = IsNaN(close(period = “Day”)[-1]);
def Chart  = MarketOpen and NewDay;
def bar = BarNumber();

def SettleTime = 1800;
rec SetTimeValue = if(secondstilltime(SettleTime)== 0,close()[1],SetTimeValue[1]);
def SetAtTime = if(SetTimeValue == 0, double.nan,SetTimeValue);

def Set = if SetMode == SetMode."Manual" and NewDay then Settlement else SetAtTime;

rec IVTimeValue = if(secondstilltime(IVSettleTime)== 0,imp_volatility(symbol = if IVSymbolMode == IVSymbolMode."Auto" then GetSymbol() else Symbol)[1],IVTimeValue[1]);
def IVSet = if(IVTimeValue==0, double.nan,IVTimeValue);
def Vol = if IVMode == IVMode."Manual" and NewDay then Volatility else IVSet;

def a = Vol;
def b = a / Sqrt(252);
def SD = b * Set;

plot Settle = Round(If (MarketOpen, Set, If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set)) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, Settle, "Set", Color.DARK_GREEN, no);

plot StdDev025H = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * 0.25), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * 0.25))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev025H, "0.25 Std Dev ", Color.GRAY, no);

plot StdDev05H = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * 0.5), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * 0.5))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev05H, "0.5 Std Dev ", Color.CYAN, no);

plot StdDev1H = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * 1), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * 1))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev1H, "1 Std Dev", Color.VIOLET, no);

plot StdDev1_5H = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * 1.5), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * 1.5))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev1_5H, "1.5 Std Dev", Color.PLUM, no);

plot StdDev2H = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * 2), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * 2))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev2H, "2 Std Dev", Color.PLUM, no);

plot StdDev3H = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * 3), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * 3))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev3H, "3 Std Dev", Color.DARK_RED, no);

plot StdDev025L = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * -0.25), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * -0.25))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev025L, "-0.25 Std Dev", Color.GRAY, no);

plot StdDev05L = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * -0.5), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * -0.5))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev05L, "-0.5 Std Dev", Color.CYAN, no);

plot StdDev1L = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * -1), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * -1))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev1L, "1 Std Dev", Color.VIOLET, no);

plot StdDev1_5L = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * -1.5), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * -1.5))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
#AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev1_5L, "-1.5 Std Dev", Color.PLUM, no);

plot StdDev2L = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * -2), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * -2))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev2L, "-2 Std Dev", Color.PLUM, no);

plot StdDev3L = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * -3), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * -3))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
AddChartBubble(bar == HighestAll(bar) and ShowBubbles, StdDev3L, "-3 Std Dev", Color.DARK_RED, no);

plot CustDev = Round(If (Chart, Set + (SD * CustomDev), If (ShowTodayOnly, Double.NaN, Set + (SD * CustomDev))) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();

# =================================
# Volume Profile Definition Section
# =================================

def profiles = 50;
def customRowHeight = 1.0;
def multiplier = 1;
def onExpansion = ShowTodayOnly;
def yyyymmdd = GetYYYYMMDD();
def seconds = SecondsFromTime(0);
def period = CountTradingDays(Min(First(yyyymmdd), yyyymmdd), yyyymmdd) - 1;
def month = GetYear() * 12 + GetMonth();
def day_number = DaysFromDate(First(yyyymmdd)) + GetDayOfWeek(First(yyyymmdd));
def dom = GetDayOfMonth(yyyymmdd);
def dow = GetDayOfWeek(yyyymmdd - dom + 1);
def expthismonth = (if dow > 5 then 27 else 20) - dow;
def exp_opt = month + (dom > expthismonth);
def height = PricePerRow.TICKSIZE;

rec count = CompoundValue(1, if period != period[1] then (count[1] + period - period[1]) % multiplier else count[1], 0);
def cond = count < count[1] + period - period[1];

# Plot POC VAH VAL Section

profile tpo = if ProfileType == ProfileType.Volume then VolumeProfile("startNewProfile" = cond, "onExpansion" = onExpansion, "numberOfProfiles" = profiles, "pricePerRow" = height, "value area percent" = valueAreaPercent)
    else TimeProfile("startNewProfile" = cond, "onExpansion" = onExpansion, "numberOfProfiles" = profiles, "pricePerRow" = height, "value area percent" = valueAreaPercent);

rec PC = if cond == 1 then tpo.GetPointOfControl()[1] else PC[1];
plot POC = Round(If(ValueAreaMode == ValueAreaMode."Auto", PC, if NewDay then PointOfControl else PC) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();

rec hVA = if cond == 1 then tpo.GetHighestValueArea()[1] else hVA[1];
plot VAH = Round(If(ValueAreaMode == ValueAreaMode."Auto", hVA, if NewDay then ValueAreaHigh else hVA) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();

rec lVA = if cond == 1 then tpo.GetLowestValueArea()[1] else lVA[1];
plot VAL =  Round(If(ValueAreaMode == ValueAreaMode."Auto", lVA, if NewDay then ValueAreaLow else lVA) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();

# VWAP Plot
def VWAP1 = Round(vwap(period = AggregationPeriod.DAY) / TickSize(), 0) * TickSize();
plot VWAP = if ShowVWAP > 0 then VWAP1 else Double.NaN;

#Value Area Cloud & Labels

def VArea  = Between(close, VAL, VAH);
def VAreaAbove  = close > VAH;
def VAreaBelow  = close < VAL;

def Cloudhigh = if ShowCloud then VAH else Double.NaN;
def Cloudlow  = if ShowCloud then VAL else Double.NaN;
AddCloud(CloudHigh, CloudLow, GlobalColor("cloud"), GlobalColor("cloud"));
DefineGlobalColor("cloud", Color.plum);

AddLabel(ShowLabels, Concat("VAH:", Round(VAH)), if close > VAH then Color.GREEN else Color.RED)  ;
AddLabel(ShowLabels, Concat("POC:", Round(POC)), if close > POC then Color.GREEN else Color.RED);
AddLabel(ShowLabels, Concat("VAL:", Round(VAL)), if close > VAL then Color.GREEN else Color.RED);
AddLabel(ShowLabels, Concat("VWAP: ", Round(VWAP1)), Color.LIGHT_ORANGE);
AddLabel(ShowLabels, "IV: " + AsPercent(IVSet), if IsAscending(imp_volatility(period = AggregationPeriod.DAY, priceType = PriceType.LAST)[1]) then Color.RED else if IsDescending(imp_volatility(period = AggregationPeriod.DAY, priceType = PriceType.LAST)[1]) then Color.GREEN else Color.WHITE);
AddLabel(ShowLabels, if VArea then "Inside Value Area" else if VAreaAbove then  "Above Value Area" else "Below Value Area", if VArea then Color.ORANGE else if VAreaAbove then Color.GREEN else Color.RED);

# Alerts:
input alerttext = "Entry/Exit Point";
input UseAlerts = {false, default true};
input AlertType = {default "BAR", "ONCE", "TICK"};
def at = AlertType;
input AlertSound = {default "Bell", "Chimes", "Ding", "NoSound", "Ring"};
def Signal = (close crosses POC) or (close crosses VAH) or (close crosses VAL) or (close crosses StdDev05H) or (close crosses StdDev1H) or (close crosses StdDev2H) or (close crosses StdDev05L) or (close crosses StdDev1L) or (close crosses StdDev2L);
Alert(UseAlerts and Signal, alerttext, if at == 1 then Alert.ONCE else if at == 2 then Alert.TICK else Alert.BAR, AlertSound);