Get Funded for Day Trading Part Time or Full Time with B4 CoPilot


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Get Funded for Day Trading Part Time or Full Time with B4 CoPilot


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When you are ready, practicing with CoPilot. Get funded with trade capital to trade like a pro and potentially earn money from home or the office part time or full time.

  • #1 Practice on the simulator/demo until you are making a weekly/monthly profit
  • #2 *Get funded by Lee Loo Trading or Apex Trader Funding (more to come)
  • #3 Trade part-time or full-time from home or the office, trade for a living, or supplement your salary.
  • CoPilot License is required when NinjaTrader is connected to a real money live account with Global Simulation Mode: Off – Live Trading.
  • CoPilot works with the demo and live trading modes of NinjaTrader

Trading & Risk 101

Trading is simple but not easy. Please do it safely and don't rush, it takes a lot of practice & stoicism, winning and losing cycles are expected! 5 quick tips to consider!

  1. Impatience: FOMO - Fear of missing out. Never rush to trade with live money! Get consistent success in the simulation for 1 to 3 months, then decide.
  2. Trading Capital: Use trading capital providers to get funds to trade futures. No need to use your own funds to learn to trade.
  3. Micro Futures: Start with the smallest futures instruments such as Micro lots 1 to 3 lots to scale out
  4. Risk: Always use the smallest position size possible, for example 1% or less of trade capital per trade.
  5. Keep stats: Don't chase the market or overtrade; focus on a systematic approach, get consistent, trade the plan & keep records.
  • Learn & Trade on the simulator demo account in NinjaTrader for free forever - When you are ready and have proven to yourself that you are able to be successful at your own pace, you can consider live trading futures with CoPilot and NinjaTrader at your own discretion. Invest in a 1 to 1 day trading futures coaching session, but don't rush to live trade - immerse yourself in the Futures Day Trading Group for real-time market coaching via voice and streaming from 9AM EST to 11.30 EST Monday through Friday.
  • Winning & Losing Cycles For you to become aware of market and news cycles, you need at least 1 to 3 months of experience. You might start on a winning cycle on sim and suffer from recency bias, thinking it's always easy to trade and rush to trade live. You will then eventually get hit by a losing cycle in live money trading. Then many pull the plug and leave, missing the next profitable cycle. If you take all the losers and miss all the winners it's a double whammy of trading!
  • No shortcut exists. Get a routine, practice and wait until you are consistent month after month on the simulator. Then you might want to consider trading live money, or if you're extremely confident you can do it, get funded with 3rd party trading capital. This will enable them to take the risk!
Training & Help Resources

Learn to trade successfully at your own pace with no time limits, use our advanced trading tools, visit the trading group for live market mentoring in the daily trade education, group chat & support forum!
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