Day Trading Recap: 7/28/22 17.5 POINTS – $875 in 36 Min!


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Emini S&P 500 futures have been active over the last couple of days, as any trader will tell you. However, the market can certainly shift quickly, as today's price action provided traders with an incredible day! As day traders, we need to be prepared for the ebb and flow of markets. Not every day will be a huge profit day, and there will be some losing days as well. Remember this when trading and keep on following your plan even in tough times, as there are potentialy better days to come. Traders who follow their trading plans and trade with conviction should experience fewer losing days.

Today, the market soared, after taking a nose dive to our projected reversal area. I decided not to scalp that signal, carefully waiting on a 100%confirmed B4 entry. The B4 Trading System did a wonderful job of identifying that reversal, allowing our team to enter the highest probability institutional move of the day, at what I felt was the safest entry according to my conservative style. The market showed signs of weakening at our predetermined profit target, and our B4 Indicator started showing signs of weakening momentum. I felt like that was a good place to call it quits and step away.

When you finish trading before 10:40am and your team catches 17.5 pts, you have to walk away in a good mood no matter what else the market gives that day.
I hope you guys enjoyed this mornings live session and decide to join us again!!!!!


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“The live is fantastic, great.. honesty.!!!!!!!. EVERY session I learn something new. The nuggets of information are valuable. The thought process behind each trade is VALUABLE. One item that has had an effect on me and something that I would forward to all new traders is this. Pay close attention to how slow @Chuck's decision making is in the analysis of the charts and entries and exits. If your process is speedup don't risk your capital. Just keep practicing a bit more until the process slows down for you also. I am (lucky) that almost every time I speed up my process, it costs me so that I wasn't under the impression that a speed up LUCKY entry or exit was sustainable. BE PATIENT, ENJOY THE PROCES YOU WILL GET THERE. Trading is SURGICAL.. Like I told @Chuck every day he is live if I’m able I’m goin to log in. VALUE VALUE VALUE!! THX BROTHA” - dalebat

“Thank you @Chuck for the live sessions. It takes a lot of patience to explain what you're seeing. It's amazing to see how advanced you are with a lot of the indicators, especially the ichimoku. You're the ichimoku master!! We're so lucky to be able to learn live from you in how to use these powerful tools. It's building confidence for me as a newbie trader. You are the best! Looking to continue to learn from you.” - jaewonder

“Last 2 Live sessions with @Chuck have been awesome. I am new to trading Futures and have that mental block due to the risk associated with trading futures. So it always helps to hear other's thought process . Either it reinforces what you have been thinking about or might highlight something that you failed to think about. I did enter the /mes trade today with just 1 contract and was able to hold it for about 16 point . I am sure these sessions will help everyone who is in similar situation to mine to grow their confidence in trading futures.” - Raap


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