Day Trading Recap 6/30/22 $950 in 45 Minutes!

Day Trading Recap 6/30/22​

What’s up everyone, alright so we are taking a look back at the some of the activity in our vip live trading room.
6/30/22 was another green day of trading for our followers. You know, $950 bucks doesn't seem like much. But right before this trade was called out, we called out another nice little run.

In just over an hour and a half, we had two nice winners. The accuracy of our B4 Trading System is amazing and at the time we were still in that market where things were grinding a bit and so we were being really cautious.

This was the first call out:


For reference here is the Tweet!

Shortly after that the team was able to capture another great move:

For reference here is theTweet!

Let's step back and take a look at the day as a whole:


Because of the systematic rules of our trading system we were expecting a big move that day, and after a slite dip it turned into a nice bullish move. The bell rings, it diped down and then it shot back up as we had expected. I wish I’d jumped in when the lower B4 Indicator and the B4 Algo signaled earlier, but we were just not in a market where I felt comfortable being that aggressive. After exiting the first trade at the pullback, we reinterred for a second nice little run.

That day had nice trending price action, we were able to recognize that and capitalize on that because of all the working parts of our system.

Alright so anyways, that’s it for me. I hope you guys have a pleasant afternoon and we’ll be back at it first thing everymorning, 9:15 for pre market analysis.

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We call out in real time live trade setups with an edge using the B4 Trading System.
Our Trading Community and Learning Awaits You. Each morning we approach the market with a trader mindset. Doing our homework in Pre Market by reviewing:
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  • Upcoming economic events for the day and what we should be concerned with?

We review the trade setups making sure you understand why we are taking the trades no matter if you are a pro or a new trader starting your trading journey.

Market Structure - What Type of Market We In:
  • Bullish Trend
  • Bearish Trend
  • Sideways Trend

Trading Strategy

Our strategy is trend following using our swing trend framework alignment with technical analysis, price action correlation to enter and exit the trades.
Look at key time of day periods to trade.
Our strategy also allow us to use momentum when it's in your favor in this volatile market.
Avoid low volume and chop market periods
Avoid counter trading - Unless price pattern broken, with reversal signals and or market bias shifted

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  • Market analysis and commentary
  • Platform and Chart setup

Futures Assets We Trade: E-Mini or Micro E-Mini
S&P 500 E-Mini (ES)

Our goals:
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  • To help make you a consistent trader
  • How to manage your emotions
  • How to manage your risk


“The live is fantastic, great.. honesty.!!!!!!!. EVERY session I learn something new. The nuggets of information are valuable. The thought process behind each trade is VALUABLE. One item that has had an effect on me and something that I would forward to all new traders is this. Pay close attention to how slow @Chuck's decision making is in the analysis of the charts and entries and exits. If your process is speedup don't risk your capital. Just keep practicing a bit more until the process slows down for you also. I am (lucky) that almost every time I speed up my process, it costs me so that I wasn't under the impression that a speed up LUCKY entry or exit was sustainable. BE PATIENT, ENJOY THE PROCES YOU WILL GET THERE. Trading is SURGICAL.. Like I told @Chuck every day he is live if I’m able I’m goin to log in. VALUE VALUE VALUE!! THX BROTHA” - dalebat

“Thank you @Chuck for the live sessions. It takes a lot of patience to explain what you're seeing. It's amazing to see how advanced you are with a lot of the indicators, especially the Ichimoku. You're the ichimoku master!! We're so lucky to be able to learn live from you how to use these powerful tools. It's building confidence for me as a newbie trader. You are the best! Looking to continue to learn from you.” - jaewonder

"The last 2 Live sessions with @Chuck have been awesome. I am new to trading futures and have that mental block due to the risk associated with trading futures. So it always helps to hear others' thought process. Either it reinforces what you have been thinking about or might highlight something that you failed to think about. I did enter the /mes trade today with just 1 contract and was able to hold it for about 16 points. I am sure these sessions will help everyone who is in a similar situation to mine to grow their confidence in trading futures.” - Raap



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