“Double VWAP” Strategy - 99% scalpers miss this


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Indicators for this strategy:

  1. VWAP: Volume Weighted Average Price is generally used as an intraday indicator like moving averages but uses volume and attempts to determine trend direction. VWAP consists of 3 lines; VWAP itself and upper&lower bands. Add this indicator to your chart 2x. First one with standard deviation of 1 and the second one with standard deviation of 2 (this is the default setting).
  2. QQE Mod indicator from here
    This will be used to spot divergences
  3. Chart style set o Heikin-Ashi candles
  4. Chart timeframe set to 2m. Trader should test other timeframes.
Long Entries:
  1. Touch one of the lower bands of VWAP
  2. Lower Low in HK chart
  3. Higher Low in QQE
  4. Bullish HK candle
Short Entries:
  1. Touch one of the higher bands of VWAP
  2. Higher High in HK chart
  3. Lower High in QQE
  4. Bearish HK
Place stoploss below the swing low or high, and target typically 2:1.
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