1000 Tick


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I prefer trading tick charts rather than time frame charts as I feel they cancel the noise/chop and often get into trends sooner rather than 3m and other charts do.

Below is the strategy that I have been using for some time now primarily trading CL, and my win rate is about 85%


The main chart on the left has a 10, 20, 30 EMA and a 50 SMA which helps to define the trend.
***I do not trade against the trend unless there has been a massive run and I can TP before we get to the 50 SMA. Further I have various S/R, Pivots, and VWAP which help identify structure and targets.
***I prefer the horizontal price with Squeeze dots over the B4 indicator as it is in my line of site on the chart rather than down below
***The RSI-L identifies short term direction, momentum, and will help identify if a continuation opportunity exists
***The Woodies CCI is a bit redundant but sometimes it will move faster than the RSI-L and alert an entry sooner

The chart on the Top Right is simply another 1000 Tick chart with Slim Ribbons and Bollinger Band SL.
***Simply put do not take trades against the Slim Ribbons/BB SL until you have broken through the BBSL and Slim says its okay

The chart on the Bottom Right is a 3m Chart and uses a derivative of the Ripster EMA Clouds and Mobius S/R.
***The only reason this is a 3m Chart as opposed to a 1000 Tick is due to the fact that Mobius SR doesn't show up on Tick Charts